hey they are alive (27.07.2013)

still workin hard ...

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NEXT dead fish dance - 09.12.2011 @ ilses erika

they come up again - dont miss that - enjoy serious fatass music - get recent dead fish dance release

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dead fish dance bonus live cuts

Dead Fish Dance 07 Chicago Indiana

Dead Fish Dance 03 Sapulima

dead fish dance cd out now (21.10.2011)

Grab the brand new Dead Fish Dance CD featuring 9 Tracks performed and recorded live at the Dead Fish Dance Gigs in Season One - the finest ingredients are right in the mix - from the wellknown straight electro dance beats and basses down to the wavin deeps of their subtle live reedits of analogue-vs-digital tracks - Get it at the next Dead Fish Dance (09-12-2011 at Ilses Erika) or order by mail (info@deadfishaudio.net)!!!

040_DFD_CD_Front_600.jpg 050_DFD_CD_Back_600.jpg

dead fish dance 2nd season startup (21.10.2011 @ ilses erika)

dead fish dance is back - 2nd season 2011/2012 startup @ ilses erika featuring dj preller and dj peter meier - live electro bass dub acid techno - completely new tracks presented in famous cool manner by dead fish audio with whole lotta hardware heap

dead fish dance 2010-2011

one hundred percent live electro rotation handmade revolution repetitive style turns sentence eclectic sequence pophead solution neo noise acid pollution moving measure breakdown sound meshwork restless fragile unpredictable harshmellow adrenalin dictation

dead fish dance 6 (01.04.2011 @ ilses erika)

this time dressed by dj preller.

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last one this season furious final thank you see you longing
please check out the next big dfd shootout in fall 2011

dead fish dance 5 (11.03.2011 @ ilses erika)

this time dressed by dj da pete aka dj peter meier

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dead fish dance 4 (11.02.2011 @ ilses erika)

this time dressed by dj sgt. klang

dead fish dance 3 (07.01.2011 @ ilses erika)

this time dressed by dj mr. arnsen

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dead fish dance 2 (10.12.2010 @ ilses erika)

this time dressed by dj ruth&wilhelm

dead fish dance 1 (05.11.2010 @ ilses erika)

this time dressed by dj booga

mobile video by phildie showing fiat getting stuck into an mpc sax sample orgy while performing the fiat classic "dirty fly" at dead fish dance 1 intro set and kauerhof being astonished at this outlier